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Flip Games...what is that??

Having fun is our job! Creating games that make you laugh, move and bring out your inner competitive side is our goal!

Our fired-up team has prepared exciting courses in inflatable and interactive games (18 years old and up) in which you will DEFINITELY have a blast!

To have fun, rediscover your inner child and (maybe) win!

"What a great idea we had to call Flip Games for our team activity! From before, during and after, the Flip team provided us with 5 star service. We recommend them!"

- François

"Flip games exceeded my already high expectations! Excellent for team building
occasions or parties."

- Anthony

"Thank you Flip Games for your animation at our party! Your games are original and
addictive, and your turnkey service was very much appreciated."

- Uniag Coopérative

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